Building an Extension – Professionals You Need – In 10 Easy Steps: Intro

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Do you know the professionals you need when building an extension?

The intro

We have put together an introduction to the professionals  you will require to take your building project from inception to completion, in particular concentrating on building an extension.

This is a detailed step by step guide to what is required to make sure you are on budget, the contractor is fully vetted & you have an industry standard contract in place.

So, let’s get started with the main players that will be needed to get your project up and running


Your chosen architect will work with your existing building or building plot to incorporate your requirements for planning feasibility, buildability, building regulation compliance, space planning and budget for building an extension this is a slightly easier process than a new build

It is important to choose an architect that has experience in the type of project you are planning, there is no point getting Renzo Piano (architect of the Shard London & Centre Pompidou Paris) to design your new extension.

We advise to go as local as you can with an architect as they will have a more detailed knowledge of the local area, local construction methods and regular contact with the local authority planning department.

Structural engineer

In a lot of instances your architect will have several Structural engineers who they regularly work with and will coordinate this aspect for you by firstly obtaining a fee

The main structural elements of your build the Structural engineer will be involved in are

Blue arrowStructural steel supports

Blue arrowDesign loading’s for your foundations

Blue arrowFoundation design from the design loading’s and ground conditions

Civil Engineer

As above your architect will have a working relationship with a civil engineer who they will obtain fee proposals for the requirements of your project

Blue arrowThe civil engineer will advise and design your drainage

Blue arrowLandscaping, parking areas, footpaths etc

Quantity Surveyor

As soon as your architect and structural engineer have produced their design elements you will need to get the project reviewed and a cost plan produced by a quantity surveyor, this will be in an easy to read format outlining all the elements of your build.

This will then provide a headline budget, don’t worry if you do not know for instance what floor finishes or kitchen and bathroom fittings you are going to choose as this can be allowed for in the format of a cost per square metre to supply or with your kitchen for instance a provisional cost.

These will be the areas that the budget can then be refined to meet your budget expectations.

Project Manager

An independent project manager can really help with the coordination and programming of the trades that will be on site throughout your project, if the project is not of a massive scale this would normally be coordinated by your chosen builder.

It is important to be realistic of your available time if you plan on self-managing your project also the emotional attachment to the project can get in the way of progress and ultimately increase the overall cost of the project

To allocate sufficient time you will need to be on site for at least 2 days per week and 10-15 hours a week deciding material finishes and planning their delivery, can you spare this time on top of your day job?

If not, then you will need to employ a part time or full-time project manager.

We now have a basic understanding of the professional needed when building an extension

Let’s get started with step 2 – Design review