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As a fundamental stage in the estimation process, a drawing take off needs to be done accurately, efficiently & ultimately correctly. At 4G Consultancy we offer digital drawing take off service in Milton Keynes. Our service delivers accurate measurements quickly so you can have better results sooner.

No more spending hours with highlighters and notepad marking up construction drawings so you can take off your measurements, you need our digital drawing take off service. Estimates are an integral part of the construction business. 

Our digital drawing take off will:

  • Improve estimation accuracy
  • Save costs - Ink, paper & printer servicing is not needed with our service
  • Help you stay under budget
  • Speed up estimation process
  • Free up time to manage other duties
  • Produce better tender applications
colour coded digital drawing take off

Why You Need A Digital Drawing Take Off

Does completing a drawing take off take too long, slowing down the whole estimation process and making submitting for tenders on short notice difficult?

If so you could be missing out on a lot of money (and not just the cost of the extra man-hours). Whether you had to turn down a last-minute tender opportunity or human error left you with inaccurate estimations, you know the need for a more effective drawing take off.

Digital Drawing Take Off Milton Keynes

We can carry out a top quality digital drawing take off by using the latest Bluebeam digital take off software, all measurements are colour coded and summarised directly onto the drawing along with an Excel spreadsheet with the room, type of measure and all the required dimensions.

These marked-up drawings are also invaluable when you start on site as it will clearly show what has been measured and where aiding your site management team to get a quick understanding of what needs to be done.

When the drawings are included with your tender, especially if you are only carrying out a specific sub-contract package there is no discrepancy of what is included in your price, it doesn't get any clearer than that.

Digital Drawing Take Off And Estimates

Having accurate digitised breakdowns of your material needs helps us create precise estimates. Since estimates are crucial to winning tenders, staying on budget, and making a profit it is vital that every step of the process including the digital drawing take off is done to the highest standard.

Bluebeam digital take off software enables us to achieve these high standards, efficiently and effectively. We have completed estimations for over 3000 projects giving us a wealth of experience which, when combined with our drawing take off software, results in accurate estimation with quick turnarounds. 

We work across the construction industry with businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a large construction company or painters and decorators, our Milton Keynes digital drawing take off service can help you. Whether you want to upgrade your tender pitches, save time with your estimates or produce more accurate estimates (or all of the above) speak to us about our digital drawing take off service by calling 01525 270079. Alternatively, you can use our contact form