Building an Extension – Professionals You Need In 10 Easy Steps: Cost Plan

Cost plan

Step 3 The Cost Plan

As you will have read in the previous stage Design Review we need to get a more detailed idea of what your building project will cost prior to going for planning, So we know if the required level of work is within your budget, we need a Cost Plan

Which type do i need?

We just need to decide which type we will require based on the size, scope and complexity of the project; we have two types to look at

High Level cost planHigh-level cost plan

Detailed cost planDetailed cost plan

Samples of both types are available from our download page so you can see the difference in level of information within each type

If your project is expected to have a budget of up to £1,0000,000 the detailed version, the reason for this is that a greater control will be required over the cost of individual materials to individual rooms like floor coverings, kitchen & bathroom fixtures.

High level cost plan

The high-level is more suited to an interim stage within the design process for larger projects, this would be updated frequently as the design is progressed.

Then this will be followed up by a fully detailed plan once the design is developed further.

Detailed cost plan

A detailed plan is also better suited to a refurbishment project, for instance one or more extensions and internal reconfiguration as you would see on a domestic property or permitted development of converting offices to residential

Normally a detailed cost plan would take 3-4 working days to complete, this will be dependent on a number of different factors for instance the level of detail on the architect’s drawings and if a specification has been agreed and prepared by the architect.

Now this is completed it will allow for any changes to be identified within the costs and these can be relayed to the architect to make the required changes and updates

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