High end Refurbishment Kensington London

High end Refurbishment Kensington London

High-end refurbishment Kensington, London

Our client contracted our services to source suppliers and estimate a high-end refurbishment Kensington, London.

Project description: High-end refurbishment with basement

Location: Kensington, London

Client type: High-end refurbishment contractor

Value: £1,500,000

Brief Description: Full internal refurbishment of a five-storey terrace house, with the addition of a lower ground rear extension, vaults extension, and lowering and underpinning of the whole of the lower ground floor, infill extension at ground floor and installation of a lift and garden works, including lowering of levels and installation of stepped planters and associated works.

Bespoke joinery throughout including wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms, replacement mechanical and electrical systems including audiovisual, steam room, sauna and gym.

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