Quantity Surveyors Northampton

quantity surveying service in Northampton

Offering a range of quantity surveying service in Northampton, 4G Consultancy has 30 years of experience to draw from. Our team of construction industry experts and our extensive network allow us to provide a wide range of services to an equally extensive selection of customers. We are experienced in providing quantity surveying services for private homeowners, large contractors, and everything in between. 

Quantity Surveying and Estimations Northampton

If you need a breakdown of your costs and materials, look no further than our estimation service. Our quantity surveyors use the latest takeoff software to create accurate estimations from sketches. Winning tenders takes a lot of work but accurate estimations are a great help in earning contracts. Furthermore, winning a tender only to have underpriced yourself and limit your profit margins can be a huge problem. With our Northampton quantity surveying and estimation services, private homeowners can price a refurbishment or extension too. 

Who We Work With

In our several decades in the industry, we have worked with many types of customer. We continue to work with a selection of customers including:

  • Large main contractors
  • Small and medium building contractors
  • Small developers
  • Private self-builders
  • Private homeowners 

Northampton Quantity Surveying for Private Customers

Private homeowners often don’t have the necessary industry experience to properly manage their finances on a refurbishment or extension. 4G Consultancy’s private quantity surveying services are ideal for pricing a project. We help you get the best use of your funds with a cost plan too. 

Freelance Quantity Surveying Northampton

Sometimes you need a temporary fix to meet high demand. 4G Consultancy’s freelance Northampton quantity surveying services are ideal for filling in the gap between your workload and workforce. Don’t push your workforce beyond a realistic capacity. Stretching your workforce too thinly can cause mishaps and mistakes which cause more harm than saving on extra hires. But don’t commit to long term hires either if you cannot guarantee you will maintain your workload. Our freelance quantity surveyors can fill gaps in your workforce temporarily covering for you whenever your workload spikes.

Northampton Quantity Surveying For Smaller Builders 

Managing your workforce size is often most difficult for small and medium-sized builders. Workloads can be inconsistent and building your workforce to meet your workload peak can leave you with unnecessary workers during downtimes. We provide freelance quantity surveying services across Northampton to help you through peak workloads. Among our many services we can make sure you are working and being paid in line with your contract. 

Northampton Quantity Surveying Enquiry

To learn more about our Northampton quantity surveying services you can book an appointment with our appointment form or call us on 01525 270079.