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We offer a full range of health and safety consultancy services to complement our client’s needs. All document services detailed below are fully populated with your company information and all the requirements of your specific project. Our Milton Keynes health and safety consultants can take care of your safety consultations leaving you with more time to run other aspects of your business.

No need to spend hours editing and filling out downloaded templates!

Construction Phase Plan

The purpose of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP) is to adequately take into account all Health & Safety risks, how they will be communicated and to whom, this is required prior to commencement on site. The information contained within the CPP must be commensurate with the size and scale of the project, this means that the CPP must be bespoke to what works are being carried out, where they are being carried out and the inherent risks associated.

CPHSP1Construction Phase Safety Plan£32.00Small Domestic Site
CPHSP2Construction Phase Safety Plan£64.00Large Domestic Site
CPHSP3Construction Phase Safety Plan£128.00Large Commercial Site

Construction Programme

There are several stages of a construction programme that will be required during the life of the project. Initially, at the tender stage there will be a requirement for an outline programme, this will demonstrate an understanding of the stages required and the overall time to complete them. Post contract award a more detailed programme will be required taking into account long lead-in times for specialist materials and equipment, design periods, testing and commissioning of services etc.

Whilst the project is in progress the master programme will require regular updates, these will coincide with monthly progress meetings and reports and also to demonstrate where delays have occurred and by whom, this will be required to substantiate any claim for an extension of time.

CP1Construction Programme of works: All trades£256.00Formatted using the tender information, contract particulars and sub-contractor feedback received to enable a contract document to be issued and listed as a sub-contract numbered document.
CP2Indicative Programme of works or Micro programmes based on the main
construction programme.
£64.00Use for tender submittals based on tender information received.
CP3Monthly/Weekly Progress input to Programmes above and returned with progress indications£45.00Reporting current progress completion percentages for each task and an aggregate of the overall performance on site in relation to timescales.
CP4Enhanced Weekly/Monthly Progress Reports or tracker Inputs.£64.00Reports include: General Labour Levels, Current activities, Delayed Activities & Safety Report, 2 Week Look Ahead Programme Report, RFI Register Update, Long Lead Register update, Risk Register Update

Risk & Method Statements (RAMS)

Every construction site has a multitude of risks, these risks need to be assessed and positive actions put in place to mitigate these risks. This is actioned by the production of a detailed and comprehensive risk assessment, all aspects must be defined and mitigated, these actions must be followed diligently. To further expand the safety requirements of the risk assessment a method statement is produced to provide a step by step process for carrying out the task.

RAMS1Method & Risk Assessment£49.00Task specific safe systems of work based on the "Construction Site Heath & Safety Plan" Information
RAMS2Quality plan - Trade Specific£128.00Full page plan identifying acceptable installation methods both inline with current building standard and manufacturers tolerances including inspection and handover procedures.


P1Health, Safety, Environmental and equality Policies£128.00Full suite of policies for Health, Safety, Environmental & Equality


MA1Health, Safety, Environmental and equality Policy's£275.00Fully populated policies
MA2Full Safety File / Building Log (O&M Manuals to be provided separately)£1199.00Includes 2no Hard copies and 2no Digital Copies of complete safety file.
MA3O&M Manuals£599.00Includes 2no hard copies and 2no digital copies of complete Manual.
MA4Homer owner user manuals / Guides£249.00Per dwelling 1no hard copy and 1no digital copy

Quality Management System (QMS)

To formalise your management systems you will need the documentation to use as a guide for working towards an ISO accreditation, our health and safety consultancy services can prepare the base documents required.

QMS1Full Quality management system£640.00This is based on the 2008 system using written policies and procedures to manage quality control and the templates to enable you do carry out those processes.
QMS2Fully Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental system£1099.00This is based on 2008 systems using written policies and procedures to manage Quality, Safety and Environmental standards.

Support Service

SS1Telephone support for the above services£35.001 Hour of telephone support (minimum 1 hour)

All the above services are by a third party provider and 4G Consultancy does not accept any liability, we receive a commission on each sale.

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