Quantity Surveyors Buckinghamshire


4G Consultancy are a team of construction industry experts providing quantity surveying services in Buckinghamshire. Our extensive team of industry experts and 30 years of experience make us the go-to quantity surveyors in Buckinghamshire. We have worked with over 400 customers and have estimated over 3000 projects giving us a wide range of experience and the ability to work with a variety of clients. 

Quantity Surveying Services Buckinghamshire

Creating a tender application that stands out and wins you your next big contract could well depend on your estimations. We provide a high-quality estimating service which utilise the latest Bluebeam take off software to generate accurate estimations you can depend on to keep your project finances in order. Missing estimate deadlines can lead to all kinds of problems. Whether you overestimate and consequently lose a contract or underestimate and struggle to work to your budget and maintain your profits – the room for error is minute. Working with businesses across Buckinghamshire we help you avoid the costly consequences of inaccurate estimates.

Who We Work With

Over our 30+ year history, we have worked with a plethora of clients ranging from private homeowners to large contractors. We continue to work with a variety of clients including: 

  • Large contractors
  • Small contractors
  • Small developers
  • Private self-builders
  • Private homeowners

Buckinghamshire Quantity Surveying for Private Customers

As a private homeowner managing and planning for an extension or refurbishment may be outside of your comfort zone. This is understandable. Managing projects like this and keeping finances in order is challenging, especially when you are not an industry expert. Thankfully, we are industry experts and we are here to help. We can help you get better use of your funds by creating an accurate cost plan. 

Buckinghamshire Quantity Surveying For Smaller Builders 

Getting the right balance of staff is a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized building contractors. When peak times arrive you need to have enough workers at hand. With our freelance quantity surveying services, we can help you manage a peak in workload. We ease the pressure on you by ensuring you are both working and being paid within the terms of the contract. Furthermore, we can handle extensions of time and prepare interim applications, final accounts and more. We provide these freelance quantity surveying services across Buckinghamshire. 

Freelance Quantity Surveying Buckinghamshire

When there are spikes in workload the temptation can be to stretch your existing team further. This is not a good solution. The extra work is a great opportunity but if your team is overworked or unable to focus on the areas they specialise in the number of mistakes will increase. The opportunity of extra work can quickly spiral into a continues stream of mishaps which cut away at your profits and reputation. At 4G Consultancy our team of experts are available on a freelance basis to help you manage these peak times without long term commitment which extends into when the workload returns to normal. 

Buckinghamshire Quantity Surveying Enquiry

To discuss your needs and learn more about what our Buckinghamshire quantity surveyors can do for you call us on 01525 270079 or book an appointment on our bookings page.